Afghanistan Resource Library

This section and the subsections listed contain documents, studies and reports from ROP programs and program partners to support the betterment of rural farmers. The content of the materials in these sections are specifically developed for each country and may not be applicable in other countries.

Agriculture Economics




Almonds, General

Almonds Production

Almonds Post-Harvest

Almonds Marketing

Apples Production

Apples Post-Harvest

Apples Marketing

Apricots Post-Harvest

Apricots Marketing

Carpets, General

Carpets Marketing

Grapes & Raisins, General

Grapes & Raisins Production

Grapes & Raisins Post-Harvest

Grapes & Raisins Marketing

Livestock Small Ruminents

Livestock Dairy

Pomegranate Production

Pomegranate Post-Harvest

Potato Post-Harvest

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