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Turning battlefields into bountiful orchards

ROP began working in Afghanistan in 2003 implementing our     DEMINE ~ REPLANT ~ REBUILD  model. Our efforts began with the clearance of landmines left from the Soviet occupation and the Civil War of the 1990’s. At that time, landmines accounted for over 33 percent of refugee deaths with as many as 50 incidents a week. Since then ROP has removed hundreds of thousands of landmines from various provinces throughout the country. But removing landmines alone doesn’t bring a post-conflict zone back into economic recovery, which is where the rest of our model comes into play.

After decades of war, the necessary components for a country to recover were not available to Afghanistan. The economy was broken, and so many people had been displaced that a good portion of the available land had gone years without cultivation. Furthermore farmers didn’t have the resources or the training to be able to grow their crops effectively. To address this ROP provides a comprehensive package of farming resources like seedlings, fertilizer and other tools needed for success. ROP also trains male and female farmers in ways to dramatically increase the yield of their crops using traditional indigenous solutions that incorporate new innovations. In many cases farmers have doubled and even tripled their yearly income, giving them the means to do everything from expanding their business, to educating their children.

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