Qasr-el-YahudWorking towards peace in the Middle East

There’s no secret as to what these countries suffer from. For thousands of years it seems this area of the world has been fought-over, taken, retaken, redesigned and relocated so much it is hard to even determine where to begin to make progress. For ROP the starting point was an 11-year-old boy named Daniel Yuval who stepped on a landmine on Golan Heights on February 6 2010 resulting in the loss of his leg. Joining with Daniel, ROP worked with the Israeli and Palestinian governments to heal the wounds of war and to plant the roots of peace

Using this historical coalition, ROP has demined numerous areas of the The West Bank, including Bethlehem and Qasr El-yahud (A place believed to be where Jesus was baptized). With a spirit of cooperation existing between two governments that don’t seem to agree on anything else, the potential exists to achieve something truly remarkable in this region. Now in development is a vineyard, grown from soil once contaminated with mines, that is being built with the help of Muslims, Jews and Christians alike.

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