Sapling distribution to Vietnamese farmersPlanting seeds of hope almost four decades after war

ROP began working in Vietnam in 2010. Almost four decades after the conclusion of the Vietnam War, the people of Vietnam are still feeling the effects of the conflict in the form of unexploded munitions. More bombs were dropped on Vietnam than in all of WWII and over a third did not detonate. Partnering with the local government and demining organizations like the Mines Advisory Group, ROP is applying its Mines to Vines model to clear farms that are still contaminated. But even without the threat of unexploded bombs, which is still not solved, Vietnam is without the resources to achieve recovery, an obstacle that the Vines aspect of the ROP Model addresses.

Many farmers in Vietnam lack the proper resources to grow their products effectively and efficiently, and many are unaware of farming practices that could increase their yield. Furthermore many farmers resort to unsustainable farming practices like over-fertilization and excessive use of pesticide in an effort to make enough to feed their families. Roots of Peace, with funding from the ACE Foundation, Rotary Club of San Francisco #2 and many generous donors, has addressed these challenges by providing farmers with training programs, resource assistance throughout the growing process, and the introduction of well-suited, high-demand crops such as Cacao and Black Pepper. The results have been phenomenal with many farmers seeing dramatic increases in their income.

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