Roots of Peace Gardens

Roots of Peace Gardens have been established worldwide, with a vision to inspire global citizens to plant the roots of peace on earth. In May 2002, the first Roots of Peace Garden was established at The United Nations Isaiah Wall, located directly across the street from the United Nations, depicting the interfaith vision of turning ‘swords into plowshares’ and “mines to vines.”

Roots of Peace Gardens have been established in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan, Angola, Cambodia, Iraq, Vietnam, Israel, and Palestine.

Recently, Heidi Kuhn, Founder/CEO, has launched a ‘white rose’ campaign on behalf of mothers worldwide who lose their children to landmines and seeds of terror.  From Margrit Mondavi in the Napa Valley to Vera Baboun in Bethlehem, Tali Yuval in Tel Aviv and Sapna Owais in Kabul, we have planted white roses on the same earth we share in a symbol of peace. Join us, and plant a ‘white rose’ in your neighborhood.

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