Our Approach

Roots of Peace helps some of the world’s most vulnerable local economies recover after conflict. We support individuals and communities to revitalize business and livelihoods by transforming minefields into thriving farmland.

For many of our project sites, demining is required before any work can be done. Landmines and other live munitions contaminate many areas of post-conflict developing countries and are often detonated by an unsuspecting farmer or child. We work with local governments and other demining partners to safely remove leftover munitions and return the land to arability.

But we don’t stop there. Landmines impede a country’s economic recovery and development so we offer a comprehensive approach to restoring agricultural communities to economic self-sufficiency. We believe that building a foundation for a stable economy comes from giving people the means to produce, distribute, and sell products in a profitable and sustainable environment. Through these programs, economies grow and food security is created for the farmers themselves, as well as the local and global economies.

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