Charley Ansbach is the President of Ansbach & Associates, an international project management, social enterprise development and fundraising consulting firm serving nonprofits and NGOs, worldwide. With his counsel, worthy organizations have raised millions of dollars, strengthened their management, created new earned income and increased their capacity to carry out their missions.

Mr. Ansbach’s strength is “thinking outside the box” using traditional and contemporary tools to address funding and management challenges. He is an active speaker and author on current trends in the nonprofit/NGO community. In addition to nonprofit campaigns, Mr. Ansbach guided the fundraising for major political initiatives on a state and national basis and assisted companies in creating corporate social responsibility programs and agendas.

Mr. Ansbach began his work in fundraising as a grant recipient, demonstrating for the United States Department of Labor the viability of creating new jobs for unemployed workers by helping them develop their own successful businesses that took them from the welfare rolls to the assets rolls of their communities. Other indicative projects include funding for micro-lending to women’s collectives worldwide, assisting the US military in creating a public/private partnership foundation to support peaceful relations with a variety of countries and a successful public/private partnership campaign to restore an historic mansion in California’s capital for use by its governors in hosting international dignitaries.

Mr. Ansbach is a former campaign director for Ketchum, Inc. and a former Managing Partner for Skystone Ryan, Inc. He formed Ansbach & Associates in 1986 and merged with Skystone Ryan in 2007. With the closure of Skystone Ryan, Ansbach & Associates re-opened as an independent enterprise in 2010. Mr. Ansbach works with a variety of causes, ranging from the environment, healthcare, education, services for the disabled, advanced research, the arts, and more. He serves on a variety of Boards, including Roots of Peace and the Global Center for Social Enterprise Development at the University of Pacific, is a founding member of Social Venture Partners, Sacramento, and a member of the Board of Advisors of Innovative Education Management, a statewide nonprofit charter school management organization. He was voted Outstanding Fundraiser of the Year by the Capitol Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals in 1996, as well as Outstanding Philanthropist by the Yosemite Chapter in 2007. He is an annual speaker at the International Aid & Trade Conference in Europe and the US, and a wide range of other national and local conferences dealing with fundraising, organization management and social enterprise.

Mr. Ansbach is a graduate of liberal arts at Edinboro University, was a Graduate Fellow in theater design at Indiana University and was a filmmaker-in-residence for the state of Indiana. He is an on-going student of business and social enterprise.

“I enjoy supporting innovative management, fundraising and business related income to help solve important social issues around the world,” says Mr. Ansbach.