Diane Baker studied acting in New York and Los Angeles with Charles Conrad, ballet with Nina Fonaroff, Estelle Harman and years later with Stella Adler. While under contract with Twentieth Century Fox, she was introduced to director George Stevens Sr., who cast her in The Diary of Anne Frank. Diane performed in films such as Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Best of Everything, 300 Spartans, The Wizard of Baghdad, Nine Hours to Rama, directed by Mark Robson, and on loan-out starred with Susan Hayward in Stolen Hours in England. At Universal, she starred in Mirage with Gregory Peck and Marnie for director Alfred Hitchcock. Diane has worked with Anthony Hopkins and director Jonathan Demme in Silence of the Lambs, and her television credits include The Blue and the Gray, Inherit the Wind, and most recently About Sarah, ER and CBS’s Jackie, playing the role of Rose Kennedy.

Diane’s first effort as a producer came in the self-financed documentary, Ashiana, which dealt with the end of feudalism in India. Several other award-wining documentaries followed. With no office other than her briefcase, she produced the film Never Never Land in London, starring Petula Clark. This success opened the door for a future prodect, a mini-series based on Barbara Taylor Bradford’s A Woman of Substance, which received and Emmy nomination for Best Miniseries.

In addition to serving as Director of Acting at San Francisco Academy of Art, Diane personally instructs several acting courses and serves on various boards around the City.