Scooter Simmons is a longtime San Francisco Bay Area Restauranteur from an entrepreneurial family that conceived and created San Francisco’s well-known landmark, PIER 39. Today, Scooter runs his family’s several successful restaurants on PIER 39: Fog Harbor Fish House, Pier Market, Wipeout Bar & Grill and Biscoff Coffee Corner. Scooter is also an investor and board member in the Bay Area based concepts, Left Bank, a four-unit French brasserie concept, and Pacific Catch, a four-unit Pacific Rim fusion seafood restaurant.

In 1986 Scooter co-founded a pioneering restaurant concept that hung its hat on making fresh Mexican food from scratch, Chevys Fresh Mex. Scooter was CEO of Chevys and grew the company to 37 restaurants before selling it to PepsiCo in 1993. After selling Chevys, Scooter took his four kids out of school and travelled around the world for 10 months. Upon their return Scooter continued to create and develop successful restaurant concepts and companies like San Francisco Coffee Roasting Co. and University Coffee Café (1996), Village Bistro (2000), acquired Chic’s Seafood (2002) then remodeled and rebranded Chic’s into Fog Harbor Fish House (2007), created Wipeout Bar & Grill opening two units (2005 and 2008), then the Biscoff Coffee Corner (2010). Scooter has created and developed over a dozen different restaurant concepts in his life, and has built and opened more than 50 restaurants to date.