Sharif is an agribusiness and economic development professional who began working in the Roots of Peace Afghan Office in 2004. Having left Afghanistan for Pakistan at a young age due to war, he was inspired upon his return to help his people and rebuild the Afghan agricultural sector. When he began working at ROP, he realized that “Demine, Replant, Rebuild” were not only three words, they represent a vision that changed the culture of agriculture in Afghanistan.

While the ROP country director in Afghanistan, Sharif led the program during many monumental achievements – he introduced the cold chain system to transport fresh fruit for the first time Afghan history and strengthened the marketing program so farmers could export to demanding international markets. Sharif has since joined the home office in San Rafael where he is now the Senior Program Manager.

Sharif has a BA in International Trade from Swiss UMEF University in Kabul and has received extensive international training in the areas of agricultural post harvest, information technology communication, and Global GAP.