Mines to Vines

The Facts


70 Million

There are currently more than 70 million landmines in over 70 countries.

$4 Billion

More than US$4 billion has been invested in mine clearance.

47 Million

Some 47 million stockpiled mines have been destroyed.

20 K

The number of people killed or injured by mines and explosive remnants of war each year has fallen dramatically from around 20,000 at the end of the 1990s to below 4,000 today.

8 lbs

It takes only 8 lbs of pressure to detonate a landmine.


5 Million

Roots of Peace has planted over 5 million fruit trees.

80 K Tons

Roots of Peace farmers have exported over 80,000 tons of Afghan produce to International Markets

$100 Million

Exports valued at $100 million U.S. dollars directly impacting traders and farmers.

3 K

Our Mines to Vines programs have trained over 3000 farmers in Vietnam to grow black pepper on former battlefields.

150 K

Our Mines to Vines programs have trained over 150,000 farmers in Afghanistan to grow grapes, pomegranates and high value crops.

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Our Worldwide Impact

Our comprehensive approach of restoring minefields into productive farmland is bringing communities all over the world back to economic self-sufficiency. Through partnerships with demining agencies, our programs have facilitated the removal of landmines and UXOs in numerous countries, paving the way for post-conflict recovery. We have impacted over 1 million farmers and their families by improving their orchards and crops, and have enabled them to sell to new markets. Our programs have facilitated the export of over 14,500 metric tons of fresh and dried fruit and nuts worth over $18 million to international markets.

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